Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hola!! Aviso Grande de Mí

I know some of you already know about this...but I don't care! Hahaha!

Starting this month I officially declare that my single status (that has been stamped onto my forehead for several years, haha!) will change to not single anymore..

That's not all, I'm getting married soon!!!! Yeay!

I know, i guys are completely in shock! hey, so am i! up until now it still hasn't wear off. dang!

But jodoh comes when you least expected it...

The first phase of tie-the-knot (the engagement laa) will be on this coming 27th Dec 2008. it's just a small family affair but everybody is invited also to come :)

Then..jeng,jeng,jeng..the second and final phase of tie-the-knot will be on April 2009. Insya Allah. here is the tentative, folks

17th - the nikah (my birthday, hehe)
18th - the reception from the bride's family
19th - the reception from the groom's family

*Venue: Paya Dalam, Melaka. Nearby Umbai area

So to those who is unable to come to the 1st phase, please please please make yourself available for my wedding day. it would mean a lot to me to see all those that i cherish and love are with me on that special day. one of the most important day of my life


ridz said...

wah mcm faisal hussien jek

husni said...


Izuan said...

walaupun aku dah tau dulu sebelum kau post nih.. aku nak ucap tahniah gak huhuhu...

ichigo said...

babe..waaah, last2 dpt juge visit sumi nye blog!! hehe..tahniah babe..semuga bkekalan ke akhir hayat!

june asmanita said...

wahhh sudah tayang gambar!
ini sudah bagus... i m so happy for u dear. Congrats