Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hola!! Aviso Grande de Mí

I know some of you already know about this...but I don't care! Hahaha!

Starting this month I officially declare that my single status (that has been stamped onto my forehead for several years, haha!) will change to not single anymore..

That's not all, I'm getting married soon!!!! Yeay!

I know, i guys are completely in shock! hey, so am i! up until now it still hasn't wear off. dang!

But jodoh comes when you least expected it...

The first phase of tie-the-knot (the engagement laa) will be on this coming 27th Dec 2008. it's just a small family affair but everybody is invited also to come :)

Then..jeng,jeng,jeng..the second and final phase of tie-the-knot will be on April 2009. Insya Allah. here is the tentative, folks

17th - the nikah (my birthday, hehe)
18th - the reception from the bride's family
19th - the reception from the groom's family

*Venue: Paya Dalam, Melaka. Nearby Umbai area

So to those who is unable to come to the 1st phase, please please please make yourself available for my wedding day. it would mean a lot to me to see all those that i cherish and love are with me on that special day. one of the most important day of my life

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Yes...mi amigos, I'm back!!!

After months of suffering the writer's block syndrome and addicted with huge doses of 'laziness' drug..finally I'm here once more to lay out my heart and soul again for everybody to read..all the ups and downs of my life or my p.o.v. on something..

Just wait for the next post, okay?


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Amira Sofea vs Amira Shakila

I have so much fun every time I'm with them..makes me smile & laugh watching all their antics and games..even when I just had the worst day of my D-Day

Presenting.... Sofea (1st photo) & Shakila!

my twin baby cousins..little tots..cute, cuddly & adorable..always bully each other..twin rivalry..

Qila seems to be closer to me than Sofea. Sometimes she likes to climb onto my lap & play with me. Sofea would then stared (quite awhile) at us with green eyed. She climb up onto my lap and tries to push Qila down while crying.She doesn't like Qila to get the attention...watching them both was hilarious & amusing!

Although they are twins..they are different..both physically & personality.

Sofea is slightly chubbier & bigger, likes to nibble food (sometimes stuff that isn't categorized as food also) more manja, likes to cry..always jealous towards Qila.

As for Qila, she is more cuter (hehe), seems more independent than Sofea, slightly smaller than her sister. Doesn't really favor food as much as Sofea does. Loves to bang her head whenever she hears music.

But the thing that they share in common is...they will stop crying and shouting their heads off whenever any of us played Dil To Pagal Hai for them to watch. *sigh

the happy little ones..they learn and try to understand the world that surrounds them while having stress..having everybody at their feet to do their bidding..literally.

I so envy them!! :)

But sometimes remarks like this can make me stop in the mid air.

Put me off balance.

Stupefies me.

Uncle: "Eh, Along pengang Qila bukan cam akak n adik. cam mak & anak la.Wakaka!

Daddy: "Wah, ni cam pegang cucu je" (while hugging Sofea)


Friday, July 18, 2008

Aku ialah aku

Perkara yang membuatkan aku ingin menggunakan tongkat sakti buatan *Ollivander dan menyihir seseorang atau sesuatu

  1. Apabila seseorang yang sudah berjanji denganku untuk berjumpa sebaik saja dia selesai dengan tugas luarnya. Konon nyer untuk cuba menyelesaikan satu isu ( itu cerita 2 bulan lepas) tetapi sampai sekarang tak jumpa lagi… Aku faham dia sentiasa sibuk. Work & family commitments. I'm trying my damn best to be understanding now. .
  1. Apabila tiba-tiba tingkap kereta tidak berfungsi (motornya rosak) dan menurut kata adikku, aku perlu belanjakan sekurang-kurangnya RM100. Time nih la plak nak rosak…Time lain tak boleh ke…cheh

  1. Apabila aku baru mengetahui bahawa pada waktu aku keluar lunch, ada temanku dan keluarganya datang dari jauh untuk melawatku di Library. Ms Witch yang entertain mereka. Aku boleh la maafkan dia kalo dia lupa (mungkin dia tak lupa) nak inform aku pasal kedatangan mereka. Tapi yang buat aku bengang tahap dewa cipan ialah die dengan selamba beritau yang aku cuma tinggal sebulan saja lagi kat situ. Hello…you were talking to strangers…memangla aku kenal tapi I don’t think you do..So that fact shouldn't be simply revealed to anybody..Mean Witch!

Nak guna spell apa yea…

Ermm…let me think. *Evanesco (Vanishing Spell)? *Crucio (Torture Spell)? or *Avada Kedavra (Death Spell) maybe??

Which one is better? Now I'm being mean..ehehehe

* Nota Kaki: Sila rujuk Harry Potter untuk keterangan lanjut

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's That?

When a good friend of mine got her first glimpse of my blog, she instantly blurted out,

"Malay Hula Wahine tuh apa?"

Well, here it goes my dear...

Malay : Of course lah you already know it :)

Hula : A Polynesian dance aka Hawaiian traditional dance

Wahine : Means lady in Hawaiian language

Nows she knows... :)

p/s Gosh! This makes me miss Hawaii more that I expected..hahaha!

Hula dance..UH..mochi ice-cream(yummy!)...stunning volcanos..the culture...sandy white beaches..casual clothes..gorgeous guys (err...girls too).. everything!!!